There are many names that the Volitan Lionfish is known by, which include Butterfly Cod, the Turkey Fish, the Red Lionfish, and the Common Lionfish. The fish’s body features a red and burgandy coloring pattern that combines with white and black stripes that run along the body vertically. The spines on the dorsal fin are tall and banded. The main feature of the fish are their large fan-like pectoral fins that they have. The sting can be related to a stronger version of a bee sting, and the pelvic, anal, and dorsal fins are all venomous.

The adult size version of the Volitan Lionfish can grow to be 15 inches. When these fish are fully grown they will need a tank that reaches 120 gallons. You also need a large amount of hiding places for them in the tank as well. Every Lionfish is going to need those all important hiding places. It is just a part of their nature. You may find it hiding quite a bit at first, and then it will start to be a bit more social once it has gotten to know the tank and yourself.

This fish will have a diet that consists of live fish, especially when it is barely getting used to the aquarium. Live saltwater feeder shrimp are a good place to start. They may also eat crustacean flesh, live fish, and other small live fish such as shrimp.