They go by many names, including the Spotless, the Red Volitans,  the Soldier Lionfish, and a few others. But, they are mainly called the Russell’s Lionfish. This fish will have a tan appearance with light brown stripes that are vertical. The venom can be found on the dorsal and anal fins along with the pectoral fins. Unlike most of the other Lionfish, none of those fins previously mentioned have bands either.

You need a tank that has more than 70 gallons in it to properly house this fish. They are also going to need tons of hiding places where they can bury themselves into. This will help them transition from their original habitat better. This fish is generally easy to take care of, but you might want to make sure you don’t have any other smaller fish around them or other Lionfish. They might get into it with the other Lionfish and they will eat smaller fish and shrimp that might be in the tank.

Feeding will definitely be a little harder at first while they are still getting used to the aquarium. But, once they do that they will be able to feed on live fish, shrimp, and even crustacean. Until that happens though, you may just want to stick with feeder shrimp from saltwater.