The Radiata Lionfish is also called the Tailbar Lionfish or the Clearfin Lionfish. Much like many of their relative fish, they have a white, red, and black striped body. They also have big pectoral fins that fan out and tall dorsal fins too. They should be housed in a tank that is 70 or more gallons in size and that has a lot of hiding places for them to take advantage of. You should be aware that the top spines are indeed venomous, and will feel like that of a bee sting. If stung, get to hot water right away and soak the affected area. (Water from 100 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit)

When they are being brought into the aquarium and are still getting used to it, you will find that feeder shrimp is going to be your best best until you can start to introduce other meaty foods once they get comfortable. Shrimp and other live fish are going to be the bulk of their diet once they have become acclimated to their surroundings.