The Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish is a fish of a few names, it can also be called the Shortfin Lionfish or the Dwarf Lionfish. They have black, white, and red stripes that are vertical that run along the body. They also have tall pectoral fins that look like fans and dorsal fins that resemble quills. They are named the Fuzzy Dwarf Lionfish because of their fins.

The housing must consist of at least 50 gallons with tons of spots for them to hide. The hiding spots will help the fish get acclimated to the new aquarium. The spines are venomous and will cause something close to the equivalent of a bee sting. This fish is extremely smart and personable, and will recognize very quickly when their owner has entered the room and is near the tank.

Live fish are what you want to use when the fish is still getting to know the aquarium. This will really get them excited about eating, which is always a good thing. Feeder shrimp that are saltwater will make the best transition for them. The diet of this fish is going to consist of shrimp, live fish, and you will occasionally run into a fish that will take a particular liking to crustacean flesh as well.