The red, white, and black vertical stripes along the body make up the Antennata Lionfish. They are also known as the Spotfin Lionfish and the Ragged-finned Firefish. The pectoral fins stand out on this fish the most as far as appearance and fan out dramatically. They are very tall pectoral fins too. The dorsal fins lack a bit of structure, therefore they end up looking like they are spiny.

The tank that you will need for this magnificent fish needs to be over 50 gallons in size with plenty of places for them to hide in. These hiding spots are extremely crucial in the process of transitioning them from their natural habitat to an aquarium. The spines are also venomous, and they should be handled with extreme caution. If you do get bit, you should contact your doctor immediately and soak the affected area in water that exceeds 100 degrees Fahrenheit but is not more than 110 degrees.

Live saltwater shrimp are going to be your best friend when you first bring the fish into the aquarium. These are used to entice the fish into eating. Once they have started to acclimate to the aquarium, the next step in their diet should be meaty choices such as shrimp, crustacean flesh, and live fish.