Lionfish Hunter Certification Test

1.) What is the difference between a poisonous fish and a venomous fish.
Poison is found in the flesh and can be harmful if ingested. Venom is in the stinger and is harmful when the flesh is punctured.

2.) What is the best way to neutralize the venom of the lionfish before cleaning it?
Drop the fish in hot water for a couple of seconds or cut off it's fins with snips at the base of it’s spines

3.) Name three ways to catch lionfish.
Spear fishing, clear catch bags, hook and line

4.) Are juvenile lionfish venomous?

5.) What should you do if you stung by a lionfish?
Place area that has been stung in as hot water, as hot as you can stand, then seek medical help in case of infection. 

6.) All lionfish hunters are a part of a fact finding mission for REEF and NOAA researchers. What helpful 
 information can you submit to help the researchers?
location, how many adult lionfish, how many juvenile lionfish, stomach contents, condition of the reef (ie how many other fish are co-living on the same reef), time of year, size

7.) Identify a lionfish egg sac 
clear and gelatinous, like a jelly fish, floating on the surface,

8.) Can you eat lionfish? if so, in what part of the world is it a common food?
You can eat lionfish and it is a common food item in the South Pacific. 

9.) What are the recommended safety tools for catching and cleaning lionfish?
Heavy duty gloves, cutting shears, pliers, sharp knife

10.) How do you catch a juvenile lionfish?
suction devise,clear catch net, spear

11.) What parts of the lionfish are venemous?
dorsal spines, ventral spines, and anal spines

12.) What will you be called if you kill 500 or more adult lionfish?

13.) How can you wipe out 30,000 lionfish in one swoop?
Find an egg sac floating and remove it from the water.

14.) What is the only known predator of the lionfish in the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans?

15.) What three factors make the lionfish dangerous to the Atlantic and Caribbean Oceans eco system.
No known predators, they are prolific and multiply fast, they are veracious eaters

16.) The lionfish problem has been called catastrophic and disastrous to our oceans. What is the greatest act you 
 can do to help stop this invasion?
Kill as many lionfish as you can.

Anyone wishing to become a certified lionfish
hunter will be required to attend a workshop or 
view an online classroom video, then take the test. 
If you pass the test, lionfish will give 
you a diploma.